Trini Leon, owner of NOZZA - An Event Planning Studio   

As a graduate of the Graziadio School of Business at Pepperdine University, Trini understands the delicate balance between creative planning and organizational management. She is a Certified Professional Bridal ConsultantTM. Since 2002, Trini served four years as an onsite coordinator for a popular Los Angeles wedding venue. During that same period, she also worked privately with several couples to coordinate and plan their entire wedding from initial design to execution. These experiences, in addition to her entrepreneurial spirit, education, and business background, culminated in the launch of NOZZA, a full service bridal consulting, event planning and invitation design company.

Trini has been involved in the Hospitality Industry for more than 18 years and her daily interactions has enabled her to establish and maintain healthy relationships with executive chefs, restaurant owners, hotel managers, country club operators and resort executives. Through these relationships, as well as through her many strategic partnerships with wedding venues, photographers, florists, cake designers, etc., Trini is able to leverage her position in the marketplace to assist her clients in maximizing the value of their budget to plan their perfect wedding.


Our Story

Trini Leon, owner of NOZZA - An Event Planning Studio, love of paper led to the launch of NOZZA INK.

Selling the highest quality of products and services, bringing happiness to customers, and caring about community are the fundamental principles that we approach every endeavor with. We are an intimate stationary boutique that creates custom wedding and special event invitations, tailored around your individual needs and personality.